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Meet Amir Vaknin, CEO

Who is Amir Vaknin, CEO?

I’ve been in the tech industry for over 20 years working in various positions from developer, team leader, R&D manager, to VP R&D, and CTO. I had my own companies as well that were sold and acquired.

Overall, I’d say that I’m a people person. That’s what I love most about being CEO – I can work with an array of personalities, from tech specialists to business developers, each bringing their individual colors to the table. I like to challenge them, each in their own space, demanding commitment and delivery. Along with hard work, I aim to create a fun and friendly environment at CORETECH, a place that the employees look forward to arriving in the morning.


What is CORETECH for you?

CORETECH is a heaven for tech lovers and innovators. CORETECH is a place where new ideas are conceived, and a team of outside-the-box thinkers strategize together about how to bring those ideas to life.

CORETECH is a place where meeting the client’s needs is a given, and surpassing them is the expectation. Employees that we hire are equally in agreement with this expectation and that’s what makes them CORETECH material.


Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I’m a pilot. I joined the Air Force in Israel as a combat airplane technician, and worked with airplanes like F-16 Fighting Falcon. I continued taking private flight lessons, and since getting licensed in 2001, I fly for fun.


A group is taking a tour of your company. What impression would you want them to get?

I want them to see us for who we are – professionals that will stop at nothing to deliver the best solution for our clients. I would want them to see how important our team is to us, and how valued they are by the corporation. Most of all, I would want them to think, “this is a place where I would love to be.”


What should the next person you hire be like?

Passionate, creative, and one who is not afraid to be a game-changer. I love it when a new employee presents new opportunities to the company, when they knock on my door with suggestions for improvement, regardless of whether they are in junior or senior positions. Those kind of employees thrive at CORETECH.


What is your approach to employee relations and management?

I believe in management that is enabling and empowering. When you give people the freedom to create, influence, argue and even make mistakes, they will bring the best results. It’s my obligation to give every worker the platform he needs to succeed. The most important thing is an open communication line – everyone should be able to voice their true opinion without worrying about the consequence. This is trust – and it’s a two-way street.


How did you pick the corporate company values?

We did a survey, we gave all employees the chance to voice what they believe in, and what they want the company to stand for. Actually, it was easy to find a common ground as most people shared the same values.


What don’t you like in corporations?

Hierarchy. I can’t stand class systems in companies. If you’re a family, act like a family and eat at the same table. Of course, there are seniors and there are juniors, those who are there to manage and oversee, and those that are there to perform, but all play a huge role in the overall success of the company. Each employee defines their status – respect is given upon dedication and delivery, not titles.


What excites you about CORETECH’s future?

CORETECH is constantly growing and expanding, and there is so much to be excited about…to pick one, I’ll say that I personally am very passionate about the technology that we are advancing.


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