October 17, 2019 coretechadmin

Meet Boris L., Head of Service Management

What is CORETECH for you?

Coretech is a huge opportunity to demonstrate potential and deliver great results.


What we don’t know about you, but you’d like to share?

I play a lot of board games when possible.


What is your favorite property in Monopoly, and why?

Green properties –It has the best neighborhood, yet not the most expensive.


Tell us about when you failed

I make mistakes daily, but I learn from the process and I don’t repeat past errors. I also try to share my experience with others to help them avoid similar mistakes.


Talk to us about when you were seven or eight. Who did you want to be?

Robin Hood. Actually, I was ?. I had a real weapon, ran in a real forest where my friends and I had a real fortress (an old water station) and Little John was indeed my best friend though he was big.


What is the biggest innovation or upgrade you’d like to see coming from the next person you hire?

Contagious proactive behavior.


A group is taking a tour of your company. What would be the things you would want them to take away from their visit?

I would like them to have a great experience and impression that will make them want to come back in future.


What stands behind a company such as CORETECH?

A strong value system, great performance, team spirit, personal development, and meaningful relationships.


How do you build your relationship with the employees?

I just found myself expressing them, sort of by default.


How did you pick the corporate company values?

I build relationships daily at the workplace by being positive, helpful and polite to others


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14 Filip Kutev Str., 1407, Floor 6, GORA Center
Sofia, Bulgaria,
phone: +359 895 535 450
e-mail: [email protected]


The CORETECH office in Taipei. Taiwan is the natural extension of our powerhouse in Sofia. Where we have team members developing our innovative software solutions.