October 20, 2019 coretechadmin

Meet Borislav M., R&D Manager

What is CORETECH for you?

CORETECH is the place where I spend most of my time, challenge myself and further my professional goals. Generally, it is a nice place to be.

What we don’t know about you but you’d like to share?

I have more than 12 years of experience in the IT industry and a proud father to a 2-year old daughter. I am also a veteran gamer, only that I don’t have much time to do gaming.

What is your favorite property in Monopoly, and why?

The first set after the start and the one before it. One is a long term investment with small but regular income while the other if a playmaker if luck is on your side

Tell us about when you failed. (“we all want to win but some battles you lose, the question is how you act when you lose”)

At my age, I can withstand failure. Whenever I fail, I gather information on what might have caused the situation and analyze it accordingly so that I don’t repeat the same mistake in future.

Talk to us about when you were seven or eight. Who did you want to be?

I wanted to be a palaeontologist ?

What is the biggest innovation or upgrade you’d like to see coming from the next person you hire?

Something I haven’t thought of

A group is taking a tour of your company. What would be the things you would want them to take away from their visit?

Team spirit, communication across teams, and dedication to work.

What stands behind a company such as CORETECH?

Focus, dedication and a desire to win

How did you pick the corporate company values?

Based on what I think is most important for the working environment.

How do you build your relationship with the employees?

By showing them empathy, valuing their input, and making a positive contribution to their personal and professional development


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The CORETECH office in Taipei. Taiwan is the natural extension of our powerhouse in Sofia. Where we have team members developing our innovative software solutions.