October 20, 2019 coretechadmin

Meet Igor V., CTO

What is CORETECH for you?

Coretech is the perfect step in my career ladder where I feel myself in a big, warm, amazing family.

What we don’t know about you but you’d like to share?

i am a man of many talents 🙂 I am a percussionist, photographer, ex-pro badminton player, entertainer and father of 4 amazing kids.

Tell us about when you failed

I have failed many times and bankrupt twice but bounced back each time back on my feet. of course there are some damages but what it added for the rest of my life as an experience is nothing to compare and heals the wounds.

Talk to us about when you were seven or eight. Who did you want to be?

I think i wanted to be a high ranked policeman because of the power, leadership and discipline but then I grew up 🙂

A group is taking a tour of your company. What would be the things you would want them to take away from their visit?

Without my want or wish I am sure they will take the feeling of the atmosphere.  they will feel relax & cool enviroment like when you feel at home.

What stands behind a company such as CORETECH?

experience, determination, knowledge and it all comes with good hiring!

How do you build your relationship with the employees?

it starts with goodmorning! all about being kind to everyone. we are all humans, we have good and bad times, mistakes, angers, offends, defends etc. just being understanding, keep smiling, entertaining and sharing would do the trick 🙂


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14 Filip Kutev Str., 1407, Floor 6, GORA Center
Sofia, Bulgaria,
phone: +359 895 535 450
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The CORETECH office in Taipei. Taiwan is the natural extension of our powerhouse in Sofia. Where we have team members developing our innovative software solutions.